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Is Staying In Control Of Your Bookkeeping Stressing You Out?

Is staying in control of your Bookkeeping stressing you out?

Make our team your team, our systems your systems and get control.

At Tradeskola we’re all about giving not taking control. We’ve met many business owners frustrated with bookkeeping and overwhelmed by lack of support and controls. Our business is based on simple systems that are easy to use, we free up time and remove stress.


The weekly processing routine was easy to adopt. I can now access accurate, up to date data anywhere & any time. It was a huge relief when Tradeskola took over the bookkeeping & payroll….massive!”

David Buxton. Computer Badge Embroidery.

Here are 7 tips for implementing Bookkeeping systems that give you control;

  1. free up your time by outsourcing to a reputable bookkeeper who has a strong focus on systems and has multiple team members, so you have coverage all year round.
  2. submit your receipts via an app so you are submitting at the time of purchase, this means you are paperless and eliminates maintaining time-consuming filing systems.
  3. make sure the bookkeeper communicates only once a week, this will allow you to allocate one segment of time and reduces disruptions to your day to day workflow and personal time.
  4. use a registered BAS Agent so the quality of processing meets Australian accounting standards, accuracy is imperative when it comes to GST.
  5. get insights at least monthly so you know how much to set aside for GST and employee tax, this removes those pesky thoughts about having enough money come BAS time.
  6. use a registered BAS Agent who will act on your behalf with the ATO, waiting times on the phone can be extensive and will cut into your day.
  7. make sure you select a permanent fix not a temporary solution, this will eliminate issues in the future. See our blog Outsourced Bookkeeping for tips.

Haven’t got time or headspace to make the change?

We’ve done this many times and we see that when clients come to us, they’re usually stressed. Our focus is to make your onboard quick and painless. We want you up and running with your new systems quickly because we want you to get the benefits immediately!

Testimonial – transition process

Easy, Bridie took care of it.  The weekly processing is simple & followed up efficiently, including my BAS & tax obligations. David Brahim – Indigenous Maintenance Service WA

Call Bridie now 1800 938 238 to get control over your bookkeeping.

Our bookkeeping systems turn low points into fist pumps and high fives.

Quality bookkeeping is one of the key factors for success in business. With professional support, efficient systems, real-time processing and insights your stress is reduced, your time freed up and you’re provided with clear direction.

We’re an Australian company, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we offer real solutions that create positive change. We understand that you are depending on us to get the job done right, the first time!

We work alongside you seamlessly and introduce simple efficient systems and best practise accounting standards. We use the electronic submission of documents that get rid of the paper and bank feeds.

Want more? We’re more than just a bookkeeping service. 

We can support you with a qualified accountant for your tax returns, payroll and HR manager to assist managing your team and digital marketing specialists to build an online presence and increase sales. With a group of professionals all on the same page, we wrap around and build collective momentum.

Call Bridie now 1800 938 238 to get control over your business and clarity for your future.