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Does Outsourced Bookkeeping Mean I Lose Control?

Does Outsourced Bookkeeping mean I lose control?

Make our team your team, we give you the control!

Ask around, you’ll hear good stories and not so good stories about outsourcing. This is also true about engaging with other service providers in the business, accountants, insurance brokers, finance brokers, digital marketers. If you’re an employer, the same can apply to employees.

The question is, do we lose control when we don’t physically have someone sitting in a chair in our office? From my own experience, the answer has been yes and no. But reducing myself to the talent pool in my surrounding locations has been more limiting and more costly than it has been beneficial.

Outsourcing has provided me;

  • with reduced costs without losing quality, the people I engage with don’t have the big overheads that come with leasing expensive office space.
  • with talent from people who align themselves with professional associations and ongoing professional development.
  • people who have changed their mindset on how and where they operate and this, in turn, has changed the way I practice and exposed me to latest technology in my industry.

In relation to bookkeeping, done correctly outsourcing will give you more control because we process in real-time and share insights with you regularly.


Outsourced bookkeeping offered better value & inefficiency was causing significant stress, pressure & time delays. I was concerned about risk exposure; cash flow, lack of reports, direction & transparency. The weekly processing routine was easy to adopt. I now have access to accurate, up to date data anywhere, any time. We now have confidence in our decisions and experienced, independent eyes guiding us. Bridie & Tradeskola are an essential asset to our business; I’m not sure where we would be without them.” David Buxton. Computer Badge Embroidery.

The devil is in the detail and the detail is to align yourself with a company that;

  • their company and its individuals are registered as BAS Agents and for team members who do not hold registration has adequate supervision in place to maintain quality control.
  • has Australian team members supporting you directly so you’re not exposed to issues that arise dealing with offshore personnel.
  • communicates in a timely manner so queries are remedied efficiently. It can be challenging to find paperwork a month down the track.
  • doesn’t focus solely on putting you into a boxed program for the lowest price. What happens in any industry to a customer who gets exposed to the lowest price purchasing?
  • has values based in quality control and is always working on improving,
  • uses latest technology systems that are simple and easy for you to use,
  • conducts ongoing professional development because they love learning not just to meet registration requirements,
  • keeps up with the changes in ATO legislation specific to your industry.

A good outsourcing company will;

  1. have a primary focus on support, not control.
  2. empower you by sharing knowledge.
  3. have systems that are focussed on you not them.
  4. provide face to face contact over video – skype, zoom or facetime.
  5. design a package to suit your business needs.

 We’re an Australian based business who takes pride in giving you control! We share our knowledge and our systems, so you get the very best from our support.

Not sure if outsourcing is right for you?

Call Bridie now on 1800 938 238 for a no-obligation, confidential discussion.

Haven’t got time or headspace to make the change?

We’ve done this many times and we see that when clients come to us, they’re usually stressed. Our focus is to make your onboard quick and painless. We want you up and running with your new systems quickly because we want you to get the benefits immediately!


Focused & on task; Bridie hit the ground running & we transitioned to Xero over several days. The weekly processing routine was easy to adopt. I now access accurate, up to date data anywhere & any time. It was a huge relief when she took over the bookkeeping & payroll….massive!”

David Buxton. Computer Badge Embroidery.

Want more? We’re more than just a bookkeeping service. 

We can support you with a qualified accountant for your tax returns, payroll and HR manager to assist managing your team and digital marketing specialists to build an online presence and increase sales. With a group of professionals all on the same page, we wrap around and build collective momentum.

Call Bridie now 1800 938 238 to get control over your business and clarity for your future.